Custom Server Hosting for Webflow

Our company is having issues with our and found Webflow to be a great alternative since it simplifies the editing and creation of pages.

The problem is that we do not want to change our server hosting to Webflow but instead want to continue with our current hosting methods and only use Webflow for its editor. Exporting the code or converting means a monthly fee, but is there anyone I can contact about a custom one-time payment plan regarding using webflow for ONLY its editor and not its hosting options?

Welcome to the Community @Matt_Larsen! :wave:

Unfortunately the Editor (along with the CMS and Ecommerce functionality) is tied directly with the Webflow hosting. If you export the site to use your own hosting solutions, you wouldn’t have access to those features.

If that’s okay for your situation, then you can definitely pay for any Account plan and have access to the Designer to build the site and then export it (and subsequently cancel your Account plan) to use that design elsewhere—no need to continue paying Webflow after the fact.

A potential solution to the problem would be looking into something like Udesly to convert your exported project so that it can utilize something like Netlify CMS or Stackbit to manage ongoing edits:

All that said, it’s worth mentioning that Webflow projects cannot be re-imported back into the platform, so edits made outside of the Designer wouldn’t take advantage of that powerful tool.

Hopefully that gives you enough additional information, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions! :+1:

Would the exporting of the code then cancelling the membership allow us to permanently remove the webflow badge?

As far as I’ve experienced, exporting your project code (even on the Lite plan) removes the “Made in Webflow” branding—it’s my understanding that you’ll only need a Pro plan if you want to also remove that from your .io staging domain.

The help page on the topic is a bit ambiguous on the topic however it does state that you’d need a Pro Account plan to remove the badge:

I’m pinging @Waldo to see if he can’t shed some light on the subject just to be sure.

The last response I was able to find in the Community was from cyberdave in 2019—although he does confirm it’s removed for Lite Account plans on export: