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Editing sites after downgrading account plan

Hi everyone. I’m editing my portfolio website on webflow, and at the moment I’m working with the free starter plan. I’m thinking about doing the upgrade to pro/lite account, so I will be able to hide the webflow watermark, that is exactly over a key link of my website. I was wondering if I upgrade to Pro for one month, hide the badge and then cancel the personal plan, will I be able to keep editing the project (it’s a portfolio, so it must be constantly updated :wink: ). It has only one page, no CMS, and it is perfect to be published with a free plan, except for the webflow brand that is in a very bad position, and it’s the only reason I want to upgrade plan.

I have only the portfolio and another project on my dashboard, so only two project existing.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Each time you’ll publish the site while not having a paid plan, the badge will be back.

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Hello @vincent, thank you for your answer!

Is there any other solution? For example is it possible to move the badge a little higher?

Maybe with CSS yes.

The badge is there as a minor limitation for being hosted for free and not paying for the use of the app. So to be fair with that policy, let’s not dive too much into how to hack the badge, at least not here :slight_smile: Hope you understand.

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Yes sure! I was just wondering if it could be possible move it :wink:
Anyway thank you for helping!