Is there Webflow branding on external hosting?

In the FAQs it says that you can host with another provider with no attribution required.
In the forums and pricing it seems as though you can only turn off the Webflow branding (Made with Webflow) if you upgrade to a paid account or buy hosting with Webflow.

Which is correct?

I’m deciding whether to jump in to Webflow and I just wanted to check whether a free account (hosted on other site) comes with or without the Webflow branding.


Hi @yvie, correct, you need to go for the Designer pro plan for white labeling export.
Since it’s 35$/month, you basically need to pay 35$ to export with white labeling (i mean you can cancel it after the operation).
Also have a look at this post for more information.

Hope this helps,

Thanks @zbrah.

Very cheeky of Webflow to lie in their FAQs!
I’m glad I asked first, before investing hours in learning the app only to find out that attribution is, in fact, required. I’ll have a look elsewhere :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s a lie so much as a question of deeper reading comprehension. If I can say that without sounding mean.

You can’t export on a free account, so it would be impossible to white label on a free account.

As an aside: Why would you expect a tool like Webflow to essentially be free?

Haha no offence taken.

You are right though. The exporting is for Lite, Professional and Team. When i saw the 3 pricing options at the top of the page I linked the two together. But there are 4 types (Team is not included in the pricing option on the page). A very easy thing to miss!

There are many tools that are free with restrictions (I was recommended to try this after using Muse, albeit only for a month!), I just needed to determine what those restrictions were and if they would hinder what I was aiming for.