Pasting rich-text

I’ve been having some issues with pasting text into rich text elements. Maybe you’d like to look into it.

  1. When trying to paste over an existing rich text, the text is blinking but not replaced.
  2. When it’s pasted, there seems to be a big number of empty lines before, after and within.
  3. When deleting lines or spaces, sometimes an empty paragraph element is appearing and I can’t get rid of it.
    Regards, Asaf Lupo

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Hi @LupoAsaf

Whilst waiting for the Bugs team to take a look, i’ll refer you to this post which covers similar ground, see if there are any ideas there to help fix it:

Can you also update your post with the browser your are using

Also, whether you have tried in incognito modes, and finally your read-only link:

Chrome 67.
In one case I was copying from a word doc. In another case, I was copying from Google Doc. I suppose if I “paste and match style” or copy a plain text it would help, but it’s a long Privacy Policy document and I don’t want to redesign the whole doc. That’s the idea behind rich text, right? Anyway, I deleted all the empty lines, and I think I’m good. But you should examine that.
Thank you, Stum

Hi there,

Great question, and I’m here to help!

Yes, you’re right “paste and match style” or copy a plain text would work. When you paste text inside of a RT element, it comes with many formatting attributes picked from its source.

To avoid issues, it’s best to paste raw text — text without formatting at all — in RT elements.

Also, copying from Google Docs would be best as the formatting of the rich text is better retained, excluding “title” text elements.

You will notice a possible solution in the following short screencapture:

Hopefully this is helpful :blush:


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