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Can't copy paste text into Rich Text field using CMS editor

Continuing the discussion from Bugs with the CMS (text and drag):

A client of mine was attempting to move content from their old site to the new Webflow site by copy pasting but told me it wasn’t working. It’s working fine for me on a Mac but my client is using Windows. I attempted a work-around by first pasting into Notepad and then copy pasting again but still didn’t work.

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HI @mdoerneman, thanks for your report. Could you please help to provide some additional environment info that you’re experiencing trouble on (include your exact browser version, device model, operating system version, etc).

Another thing to check, is if the client is using any extensions in the browser, and if so, to try using Webflow in incognito mode:

Thanks in advance!

When I had this problem, all I had to do was right click and select “paste as plain text”

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@Frode, thanks for the comment, you are absolutely correct, that will indeed help in a lot of situations.

The reason is that sometimes when copying from other programs (microsoft word, excel, html pages) that some weird character encoding might also get copied and the editor may not recognize the unexpected/unsupported formatting.

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