Custom products?

So I have a particular use case for e-commerce that I’m not exactly sure how I can implement.

I have a website where my employees will be interacting with customers and we will be selling custom made animations for the customers needs.

I need a way to implement a product that allows for the customers to purchase the product but then let’s the customer submit information to us regarding the various customizations that will be needed in the video.

Is it possible to just simply redirect them to a form after payment that allows them to input the necessary information if so, what so y’all recommend for the best way to capture this information? Memberstack? Maybe a make scenario or use Zapier somehow?

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Hi @Donald_Barlow.
Josh with Foxy here. You’ll be pretty limited with what custom info you can collect at the product/checkout level with Webflow Ecommerce. Also, requesting this info after the order doesn’t seem ideal (I’ve done this before with a previous project and I was constantly chasing down customers to complete the info).

You might consider our seamless Webflow integration: You can manage your products with Webflow CMS and collect as much info as you need in both the add to cart form and checkout form. Options can be static or CMS driven and you can display real-time pricing on the page.

Here are some live Webflow examples:

Here to help if you have any questions or need help getting started:


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@Donald_Barlow just FYI we have a solution coming for this likely in Q1 which will be natively integrated to Webflow ecomm. Not ready yet but you can put a placeholder in for this! :slight_smile:

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I don’t suppose you have a rough estimate or a beta, wouldn’t mind feeding back. We need to collect specific customer data at checkout. This is potentially huge for my business and will help me bring everything in house.

@Richard3 sure happy to share the designs and chat about them! Please shoot us a note at and we’ll be in touch