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A portfolio site I'm building using Webflow

Hey everyone I’ve decided to use webflow to redesign my portfolio site as my old one was looking a bit rough around the edges and dated. I had a few false starts but I’m starting to get the swing of things. Still have a lot to learn but it’s been pretty enjoyable experience so far and I’m happy with where I am at this point. Positioning elements in real time is such a huge advantage over traditional development IMO. Anyway I have yet to build the portfolio and contact page but they’ll be coming very soon. Feedback would be appreciated.

here’s my old wordpress site to compare.

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Too hard colors. Use soften or decide to go darker or lighter. I liked the old site, it has that clean style I love :wink: The new one is overwhelming. That’s just my opinion :wink:

Yeah I hear what you’re saying but I wanted the site to have a bit more personality that was reflective of my tastes. I’m not a fan of things that look too minimal as I find so many sites start to look generic. But Maybe I can try toning down the colours a bit. I was thinking the portfolio page would be a simple grid similar to my old sites main page.

I actually like the colors a lot! Both sites have two distinctive styles - one more minimal and one more expressive. I think that’s what you were going for.

Thanks Sergie. Yeah I was definitely going for something more expressive but I think the other page will be toned down and more minimal.

Since I have you here are there any discussions on naming conventions when using webflow? I was wondering if you have a kind of guide you use for naming aspects of you page using webflow? I felt I was just naming things at random at times however maybe this comes with working with webflow more and getting use to the structure…

Also what is the advantage of creating say the height of a section using padding as apposed to the height property as you show in the video tutorials?

Great questions @lustandfury! We’re working on a tutorial series that helps you with all the questions. Can you actually create new forum topics and ask these questions? Because they will not be relevant to this specific post and I can reply with an in-depth answer for now.

Sounds like a plan Sergie. Will do.

Here’s a link to the portfolio page. Basically copied the original home page layout and stripped away what I didn’t need.

Moved the site to a semi live state on my own server. Just working through duplicate CSS and refining a few things between the home page and the portfolio page…

Built up all the basic pages. Only have one project overview page done at this point but I’m working away this afternoon to try and push more live:

I added a pure css circular zoom detail through an article I read here:

Let me know how the rollover transition works on your browsers. It’s a bit jerky on my computer…not sure why.

Thanks @bartekkustra! That Quickcast app is very cool as well. Not sure whythe transition is so jerky on my machine. But looks good on yours.