Popup Nav bar appears on page load when it shouldn't

Hi everyone, been using Webflow for a while now but this is my first need for some help!

I’ve set up a fixed popup nav bar, which is set to appear on scroll. But I’ve obviously got a few of my interactions mixed up as it always appears on page load, then moves up off screen before the scroll happens. I’ve been round in circles trying to figure this one out.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Project Share link:

Yes it’s a bit confused :slight_smile: But that’s OK.

  • Delete the interaction that is supposed to mask the flyover nav on load
  • instead give a proper visibility (display:none, opacity zero) to the flyover nav, AND move it where it should start, meaning move it up out of the way. Move it 90px up

Also add those steps:

And fix the move: it has to move up 90px when the menu goes away.

Just in case you would like another option, this worked for me :wink:

Hey Vincent and Laura, thanks so much, a combination of both of those has solved my problem!

Thanks for you help! :slight_smile:

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