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Menu and billboard disappears after I publish it

When I preview my site in webflow everything appears to function correctly. But after I publish the site and preview it on the web my top navigation and billboard area disappears after I go to a new page. I tried to unpublish the site and then republish it but didn’t make a difference.

Here is a link to preview my site after it is published. Click any of the other menu buttons and watch the top nav disappear.

Here is my public share link:

You have an interaction on SubHeader element that specifically says “When scrolls into view, up 80 and display none”.

So as soon as you scroll 1 pixel, it scrolls, it’s into view, it gets up 80pc and disappears. As it’s not there anymore, no chance to scroll into view and appear again.

Vincent you nailed it! I took off the interaction on the SubHeader element and everything works perfect.

Thanks a million, very much appreciated!

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I feel like

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