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Nav Bar disappear right after it shows up why?


Can anybody help me out with this issue. I wanted to create a menu that will show up as I scroll down. It does show up but it does’t stay there as fixed nav bar and disappear. Why this is happening? I followed the instruction on tutorials.

ps: please don’t mind the pictures i just put them there to test nav bar’s interaction.

It’s your interaction causing this. You created an interaction on the “herovideo” section which says: Move the navbar up and fade out + display none when the “herovideo” section is visible.

So what you’re trying to do… just reverse all settings. Move the settings you put under “scroll into view”, under the “scroll out of view”, and vice versa.

Hello thank you for answer. But this exactly what I want to do. I don’t want my navbar visible at the beginning and it will show up when I scroll down. That’s why i created an interaction on herovideo which says “move the navbar up and fadeout + display none when herovideo is visible and fade in + move back to original position when hero video is not visible.”

If you can scroll down you will see menu is visible and it does not stay there its position.

Hi @emxtech, could you check again, I am unable to reproduce the issue, I open your page, then when I scroll menu shows up, and when I scroll back, it hides out of view again. Cheers, Dave

Hello please check this issue here. I don’t want nav bar disappear once it displays. I just recorded my screen.