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Help With Navigation Interaction (Animate on Scroll)


I’ve been working on this site for a while, and had gotten the navigation setup so that the initial transparent navigation would disappear on scroll and be replaced with a white BG navigation. This was working up until I added a dropdown to the navigation. As I’m trying to edit the dropdown it no longer animates with the interaction I set up.

This also seems to be the case on the interior pages. I began designing the page “Loose Diamonds,” and noticed the interaction for the navigation no longer worked.

Any help figuring out what I did wrong would be appreciated! I’m fairly new to interactions, but I followed a webflow tutorial to create this one, so hopefully it is setup properly.

Here is my public share link: LINK

Your Scroll navbar element is out of the view but also display:none

So the step of your interaction that is supposed to show the navbar must specify display:block along with anything else.

Oh wow. Completely forgot I had set it hidden while styling the main navigation! Thank you! SOLVED.

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