POLL: Should we have a running list of Webflow meetups and events on the forums?

Something like this? Vote below the screenshot :point_down:


  • Yes - I like it
  • No - I don’t like it

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I think this would be huge. Help push people from just the forum to going to meetups. Especially if it highlighted/featured ones close to your location somehow.


Yea, using the forums to publicize upcoming meetups would definitely help attract people who possibly don’t know about, or usually do, meetups.

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I think its a great idea!
Especially, if the meetups are ordered as per proximity to one’s location.

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Please lets forget UK :slight_smile: and not just London - Manchester too !!

looks like i’ll be working on adding a sidebar of events next week. :smiley:

Thanks everyone for your votes!

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Sounds good! Might be fun to webcast these so that the rest of us can tune in and cross-pollinate ideas. :wink: