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Let's Get Together: Local User Groups

Hello fellow Webflowers!

I was wondering…are there plans to create local user groups where we webflowers can get together and talk about stuff?

I’d love to see something like that and it could be a great breeding ground for local partnerships, too.

RebeccaJG | RebeccaSurfs

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Hi @rebeccajg Go for it! Search for a local meetup or start one! :smiley:

If you need help getting one together, just send me a private message (PM).

Also, this goes for everyone else in the forum! Start a local meetup to get the word out about Webflow <3

Is there anyone is southwest Oregon?

I would also travel to Eugene or Porland, and possibly Seattle for a meet-up.

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Well… I’m in Europe, Portugal. Would love to be a part of this.
Maybe if this could be a remote thing, like a common ground to share thoughts and ideas, count me in!


I’m in Northern Ireland UK and I would love this too!!

There was an app called that has something we could’ve use for this kind of meetups if somebody know something similar it would be great!

I’ve been using

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I’m out of Columbus, Ohio and will work towards getting a group going here.

I plan to start out locally, although I’d be happy to explore a virtual component for folks on other continents. Thanks @aaronocampo @vernon @nita_design for chiming in!

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The first Columbus Ohio user group meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 9.

We don’t have options for remote members, yet, but will keep that in mind for future meetings.

Register here:

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