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Question for those that want to start their own meetup

If you were to start your own web design meetup in your local area, what would you need help with to get it going?


Probably a list of people who are interested in a meetup, and what topics are they interested in.



Was thinking about doing a Webflow meetup in Wellington. I know of a few people that use Webflow, but would like to see if there is potentially the opportunity to find on here from Wellington that use Webflow.

Wellington, New Zealand btw…


Yep, a UK meet-up would be good too, and whilst we can post on here to garner interest, it would be good if Webflow could provide some general stats on geographical location/amount of users…

Even better, tie in meetups with staff visits?


One thing that @anais and I will be working on is helping community members start and grow their own local Webflow meetup.

If you want to start your own right now, go for it. But we’ll have details soon about how the official Webflow team can help you all out :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping spread the word.


Free pizza helps. :slight_smile:


Free pizza ALWAYS helps :wink: @susanmacphee

More seriously - thanks for your replies to this guys and galls! We’d really love to hear from as many of you as possible on this topic, as it’ll help us figure in what ways we can help you set that up. One thing that I’d love to know more about is how many of you out there have been to a webflow meetup or are interested in going to one/organising one?

Do you all know anyone who has held a Webflow meetup before? let us know! :two_hearts:


If it helps, I’ve organized the Boston Drupal user group and also found Design 4 Drupal, Boston which is an web design annual event.

I’m willing to do something similar for Webflow since I use it so much.

That being said, it’s a good model of software community to research:

Here’s a listing of events, could see something similar for Webflow:


Thanks @susanmacphee that’s really helpful! I’ll have a look, and I’m sure it could be good inspiration for us indeed. It may be a little while before we make offline events our priority, but when we do get there I want to make sure that we do this the right way :slight_smile:

I’d like to set one up in Manchester, England and we just need beer, Pizza & about £50 for venue hire

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Hey @PixelGeek, i guess we need to know who is working on webflow close to us/in our country.
Right now i have no idea how many French we are for example :stuck_out_tongue:


A Webflow map of all forum users would be cool :bulb:


Only if location is private by default. lol

I think the biggest issue probably is (at least in the US [and apart from privacy]) that users are not very likely to be close together.

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Yes that would be awesome @Scott_Van_Zandt !

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this would be cool to do as an opt-in thing. We can easily make a custom Google Map :slight_smile:

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I just started a Wellington Webflow Meetup group and we got 24 members in a few days, so now I am on to organising the first meetup in the next few days.


I’m planning to start a meetup in Hyderabad, India. Maybe from next month. :slight_smile:

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Nice! :smiley: send me a DM or email once its up. I’d love to help.

I don’t know, but maybe a list of people in my region and a place to meetup in. Or maybe an online reservation system?!
I’m really excited to do one here in Saudi Arabia, there isn’t a lot of meetups here.

Go for it! :slight_smile: Here is how:

DM me once you’ve created your group :+1:

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