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Would you want upvoting of solutions?

It’s always inspiring to jump on this forum and see community members helping other community members. But I’m wondering how the Webflow Community team can further help empower and evolve this resource.

One thing I’ve been thinking about is changing the way we show the solutions to the questions asked.

Instead of just marking a response as the solution to the original post of a thread, what if we have everyone upvote a solution if it helped them? Also, if you have more feedback on this, post a reply in this thread.

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

  • Yes - Let’s change it
  • No - I like the way the forum is now

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I personally love this idea. I was pondering for the last week or so if a Stack Exchange Network for Webflow would be an ideal solution for a forum replacement.

I know the current forum is hosted via Discourse which I remember made a post regarding upvoting of solutions but did not have a downvote option.

Curious to see thoughts on this from the community as well.

IMHO upvoting may work on platform like StackOverflow but on this forum how it works now it will be problematic as there is many open questions about who and how. If there will be set of strict rules as on mentioned platform for creating new request and managed by admins who will control forum 24/7 it may work.

for me it is NO, IMO it doesn’t make sense until new rules will be set
(and maybe introduced how it will actually work).

I see that votes for voting options are mainly for this option. I have nothing about voting system for solutions but like I have mentioned before there are many open questions.

From my point of view I can see problem most likely in forum search options. The voting system IMO doesn’t help in current situation and may cerate more confusions than help. Here are some of my personal thoughts where problems are and how it can be solved.

Problems to look into

  1. Lots of forum member doesn’t have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Giving them power of voting can be problematic.

  2. Who will decide if current response is correct and valuable as there is many ways how to achieve identical result with different approach. Voting for bad solution from inexperienced users can be problematic.

  3. Proper request naming is essential.

  4. Allow request related strictly to Webflow only.

Here are some example cases I have found on forum but there is most probably more in past.

Examples from forum:

Case 1

Response how to add line behind vertical navigation dots was to add an image.

As many users are beginners they will most probably vote up for this solution as will help them but true is that is the worst response from developer I have read in long time. Do you want to have up votes for response like this?

Case 2

Content of request was Hey, here is an image of what I need to create. Any suggestions? Who and how this kind of request will be managed? My suggestion - delete this type of questions immediately and give user a warning.

Case 3

Title of request was How I will make this button. This kind of title will be hard to find even with correct solution. My suggestion - Admin should correct title and give user a warning.

There should be after 3 warning ban for 1 month.

I now that it may look ab bit harsh but it is necessary to have strict rules that should be fulfilled. This give admins tools to keep forum under control. Otherwise forum will look like flee market.


Who will control that provided solutions are correct for modern web standards for possible up vote/down vote.

My suggestion - voting permission can have only user that will prove that he/she have clue what they voting for (eg. at least 50 solution under their belt or similar prove of their experience in development.

edge case

If there will be one edge case with correct response but issue will not happened too often it will have no votes if votes will relay on users. But it may help many users when it happened.


All designers are familiar that people doesn’t read web pages but only scan these in Z of F shapes and in general most people (on any forum) are lazy to use search input field to find possible answer and/or solution as creating a new request is easier and faster.


Remove pinned message about Read Only link (most users do not read it anyway). Instead make it more pronounced on request it self eg. make it red with recommendation message with strong note.

example message:

“When you requesting help with project in progress it is in your best interest add shared “READ ONLY” link otherwise your request may be ignored.”


Biggest issue IMO where forum suffer is in search UI/UX

When we would like to use all filter functionality we have to do 15 clicks and choose from 64 options !!! Yes 64.


|1.| click - search (fast search - not useful)|
|2.| click - options ( to open filter)|
|3.| click - advance (to open advance filtering)|
|4.| 2 clicks on “All categories”|
|5.| click on “topic return”|
|6.| 2 clicks on “any”|
|7.| 2 clicks on “where topics”|
|8.| clicks on “ posted by”|
|9.| click on “Posted”|
|10.| click on “Filter by post count”|
|11.| click on option “Topic/posts”|
|12.| click on search btn|

That’s cca 15 clicks

I know that we would not use all options filter offer when look for solution but it become frustrating to find post you have created or you have posted response or your response was marked as solution.

To solve this problem WF team introduced new nicely designed page but this approach solve problem IMO only partially. It will narrow down to topic to search but when we open advanced filter all will get messy again.

What about take focus on filter and make it more straight forward with less options?

Possible solutions

Take search field large on top of forum with advanced search.
(-2 clicks)

Options Any in sections categorised and Where topics can be done with radio buttons.
(-2 clicks)

radio buttons can be used also on posted and Topic/posts
(-2 clicks)

Remove clicking on Filter by post count
(-1 clicks)

I will be more clear UX and save 5 clicks.

After optimization: Total clicks 8

(40% reduced)


When user open forum will see large search field with advance filtering button. when open advance button all options are visible and easy to select desired condition.


current state

basic search

Advanced Search

Final thought

WF forum should be IMO about solving problems and issues that users face when using Webflow and it should be great source not only for users but also for WF team to discover possible bugs as they may appear with each new version. Unfortunately WF forum is slowly turning into HTML and CSS learning platform because of misunderstanding what no code mean.

Simplifying Advanced filter may IMO help to all users find solution they looking faster than voting system. But who knows…



@Stan Thank you so much for such detailed and thoughtful feedback on both voting and search.

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I would be in favour of up-voting as long as the thread stays in chronological order. Sometimes there is no ‘single’ solution but a collection of ideas. So you need to follow the tread. However, the most helpful post could be highlighted in some way. And perhaps a ‘jump to best answer’ button.


I’m not sure it’s necessary. I find for the issues I have, generally reading through the comments gives a pretty good idea as to if there is a solution that’s worth trying on the page, and it’s handy to follow the thread to see how the solution was found as some of them are mini tutorials. I’m not sure adding a voting system to rate things would help the type of user I am. But that’s me. If you could include a vote system that doesn’t interfere with what is in place already it may be worth considering.

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I’m in support of this. Users should be able to upvote the solution that solved their problem. And the answer with the highest vote stays on top of the thread.

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