Let's have a Webflow workshop in your city

If you know of any or a part of any meetups that you think could benefit from a Webflow presentation and/or hands-on workshop, DM me. I would love to fly out to your area. :slight_smile:


An in-person Webflow workshop would be pretty cool. Don’t think anything like that is happening in my city (Perth, Western Australia) yet. Even an informal Webflow User Meetup would be nice. Maybe I have to start something like that sometime… should probably wait until I get more Webflow experience under my belt though!

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If you start one soon, you’ll be able to learn from your peers faster.

You don’t have to be the best. Just be the one that helps others get together. :grin::+1:

Is there any way we can view Webflow member profiles sorted by a particular city or region? It would be cool/useful if there was a visual representation that showed where community members are located…or maybe forum threads based on particular regions/states/countries. I know some folks mention where they are from in the new member intros…but I’m thinking maybe something easily viewable/searchable. Cheers

Team Treehouse has an interactive map on their site that shows where some of their (past) clients are located… https://teamtreehouse.com/stories Doesn’t lend itself to displaying heaps and heaps of separate community members though.

Or there could be a sub category in the Webflow forum called ‘community members’ (or similar), which could then be divided into different cities/countries.

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Yeah, you’re right – it’s always great to surround yourself with people who know more than you. So far Perth has a very active Front End Dev Meetup (‘Fenders’), as well as different UX Design Meetups, but no Webflow-specific groups. While Perth doesn’t have a web/design scene as big as Sydneys’ or Melbournes’, we’ve still got very skilled people here and even had our own web industry conf here in 2016 (https://mixinconf.com/)… Anyway, I should really consider getting something Webflow-related started over here in the most isolated capital city in the world…

Here’s event where Webflow should be represented :grinning:

Oh it’s in Stockholm where I live, nice :wink: