Best way to handover Webflow to client

Hi! I’m pretty new to Webflow. I’m a designer and front end developer. Currently using WordPress for my clients website, and I want to pivot my business around using Webflow.

I currently have 3 active projects; 2 Basic Site Plans and CMS plans and now I am baffled as to how I want to let my client have control over the website but still keep them as my customer.

I noticed that I have 2 options that I don’t want to do:

  1. Upgrade to CMS plans and add client as collaborator
  2. Transfer webflow project to their account.

Now, with option 1 the issue is, I’ll be charging some clients more for additional features they don’t need and my pricing will be less competitive.

Option 2, I lose billing them for the second year onwards and I planned to utilize Webflow’s client billing feature in the account plan to make a profit. In Malaysia, it’s a big turn off for companies if they cannot have full access to their digital assets.

Is there any workaround on this? I managed to convince new clients to get on Webflow, and it’s a bummer that it is only now that I found out about this downside. It is a pretty big downside, especially about losing potential income for years to come.

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