How do you manage Client projects?

Hi guys

I’m pretty new to Webflow so I hope you can help me out.
I have a few questions regarding the hosting and management of client projects.
I come from a WordPress background like many of you, and with a WordPress solution, I can easily create users for my clients.

However, in Webflow it seems like I have to either buy a Workspace account or let my Client buy a Workspace account plus the additional Site plan to use the designer. Am I right?

I believe in no-code tools like Webflow. but I also need to access my clients’ projects since my Clients don’t know anything about Webdesign or Html semantics. And the whole business idea (since Webflow doesn’t allow us to use symbols as building blocks for clients in the editor) a freelancer, Agency, or someone with knowledge of Html and CSS must be a part of the project.
So how do you guys manage this?

I don’t want to bill my clients for hosting - I want them to pay Webflow directly.
And I would love to become a Webflow certified person in the coming years, but even that would require some sort of relationship between my account and my clients, right?

And last option, sharing passwords is just not an option for me.

I hope you can help me to accelerate my transition to Webflow.


Yes that is correct.

Client owns project, sets up a workspace, invites me and pays for it, I login and do what I need to.

If they own the account, they put their card on file. So you have to factor in the cost for hosting, plus workspace accounts as the cost of ownership.

I am once again finding WordPress more attractive and actively building sites with it. Just depends on project requirements.

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Thank you, Jeff!

Then I think I have to reconsider Webflow again, sadly.