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Pointing my domain with two ip-adresses to webflow?

Hi! I created a website here at Webflow. Now i want to use my old domain and point that to the webflow site. However i was asked to put two ip-addresses in my domain providers/current web hosting preferences. Today (with my old website) they point to the www version of the website and to the one without www.

Is these two ip-addresses from Webflow meant to point to these? I asked my web hosting and they don’t know why web flow need to point with two different ip-adresses. Can somebody explain this?


Hi @webbor - I assume you’re referring to the two A records that we’ve asked you to set on your DNS provider? The reason why we ask you to create two different A records is for redundancy. For example, if one of our IPs goes down for whatever reason DNS lookups can try the next A record.

Just curious, who manages your DNS? Most providers will allow you to set multiple A records.

If it comes down to it, you could just use one of our IP addresses! But the recommended option is to set both in case of downtime


Hi Bryant! The web hotel i am using is space2u. They allow multiple a records as i see. But i was unsure how to do this. Now i set up 4 of them. 2 (with both your ip-addresses) for the and 2 (with both your ip-addresses) for However if i go to the website from webflow shows up but not on I got an error 404 page. Is that because there will be some waiting time until the DNS is function normal?

Yup, probably DNS lag on your end, works fine for me!

Cool site!

Hi again @brryant! There is still a problem. Problem is only the domain address without the “www” shows up, but not with the “www”. Putting that address in the browser goes to a 404 page at webflow. At my domain provider i put up both your ip-adresses on both the www version and the one without, but still it does not work. Since i get a 404 page it indicates it point to web flow but to the wrong page. Perhaps this is a problem at webflow?


Make sure you republish your site after adding your custom domains!