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Host DNS settings

Ok… this drove me mad. Why wont my site load if I leave out the WWW in the address field? If I do put WWW in from of my address it loads fine. I tried adding a cname, published the site and tried deleting the cname and redoing it. Still wont work… any help? I have the PRO version but help is closed atm. Im with godaddy.

You need to create two entries in the site hosting settings. One without and one with the “www”. Then you can select the primary domain.

Thanks for the advice. Just fixed it by asking them through chat. Turned out the instructions on the webflow aren’t that clear on the Ahost settings. It says to add 2 ahost and gives 2 ip addressses to input. Thats what i did. well that was the problem. I was suppose to use only 1 of the addresses on both Ahosts. maybe i read the instructions wrong?

heres where i was confused. this is from the webflow instructions on step 3.

[Once you select “A (Host)” from the dropdown, add the “Host” and “Points to” information and click “Add Another”.

Host: @

Points to:

TTL: Leave Default

After clicking “Add Another” you will see that your record was added successfully. Go ahead and add another A-Record and click “Finish”.

Host: @

Points to:

TTL: Leave Default ]

As you can see… it says to add 2 Ahost right? One with ip and the add another and point that to Well thats what was throwing me off… not sure what to think of this.

Well… I deleted the first Ahost and just added it again but this time using again. And that fixed it instantly.

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