Changing the A records on domain


We have made the www. version of the domain the default, but this has highlighted a error with the NON www. version of the domain.

it is stating that I need to change the A records on the domain to two different IPs. That is different from what they currently are.

is this correct? See here:

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If you’re speaking of the project’s hosting settings, Webflow has provided new IP’s and recommends you use them instead of the older ones we had all been using. They are new A record addresses.


Yes this is in Project Setttings and it states

Option 1 (recommended) - If you want this domain to redirect to

So I need to change the A records on my domain to stop mixed content issue with NON www. and www. version of domain?

I do understand what it means to change the A records, I just never come across changing to ‘Two different A records’

Use two if your DNS provider supports more than one. Most do.

I noticed this couple of days ago. I cannot remember seeing any updates/info/reminder from Webflow this change was applied. Thanx for this @webdev

Ok thanks I will change the both A records