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Point of Sale & Inventory Integration

Has anyone had any success integrating Webflow’s ecommerce capabilities with cloud based point of sale and inventory systems. I am developing a site for a store that use the following POS system:

Does Webflow ecommerce allow for dynamic inventories from external sources, or do all the products have to be manually entered into webflow? For example, could they run all their inventory and POS through that system and have webflow automatically read and display the inventory for purchase on the webflow site, and once a purchase is made the inventory there is updated? Anyone have any experience here?

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This is the exact POS system I would like to integrate with. Any guidance on whether or not there is a way to do this with Webflow is much appreciated. I would prefer to design and develop the site using Webflow but the ecommerce integration with the POS is a sticking point I am trying to remediate right now.

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Bumping this message because I have the same question for the POS system Cake.

Are Webflow templates compatible with POS systems? This is my first time working with a point of sales system and I’m looking for some guidance.