Connect Webflow Ecommerce to Clover or Square POS (Point of sale system)

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I have found these integrations w/ zapier. however they are not effecient i think?


Client has to sync their products in store w/ webflow. They use clover as their inventory management system and POS.

Currently their using SKU-IQ and wordpress. it’s a hassel for them tbh and it would be sweet if there would be a work around to this:

Enabling Clover or Square to communicate w/ webflow. allowing webflow to sync their products directly.

When they are created or edited in Clover or square they would be updated on the site too.

Also some way to limit which items are live and are not live on the site. This store owner has an art gallery and doesn’t want to sell evertyhing she has in the shop.

She is also opening another gallery too. Manually inputting everything into webflow doesn’t really work

I’m struggling to find a connection here. Does anyone have any ideas?

Zapier is very limited right now with both clover and square.

Square to webflow:

Clover to webflow (currently in beta):

I have no website to show for this for now. Just curious what the community thinks.

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Just out of curiosity why are you using both Clover and Square?

Is there a particular reason why both are being used?

@QA_Brandon They use Clover as their POS in their store to ring people up and manage their inventory.

Ok, so what is Square for?

@QA_Brandon It was just a reference to another common POS. I know that webflow planned POS integrations in the future. I’m just curious if there is anything out here now that supports them with webflow

For POS, at the moment not sure.

Now what you can do is use Ecwid and their POS system and add their ecom widget directly to a Webflow site. I currently have a site that has Ecwid and Vend (POS), its not cheap to connect but does the trick. There isnt an immediate connection for POS and Webflow. You would probably have to create webhooks and use the API to make it work. No direct Zaps tho.

@QA_Brandon Interesting! Thanks for sharing that, what’s the capability w/ using ecwid w/ webflow? have you found it powerful?

Well Ecwid is its own ecom system but has more connections between apps natively. With the POS system and the ability to connect to VEND POS you can do more.

Ecwid is a very powerful tool. Just depends on how much you want to provide?

@QA_Brandon thanks for sharing, ill look into it and see what’s best for their biz.