Webflow E-commerce + POS Solutions

Hey Forum People,

I’m researching options for an upcoming project and haven’t found any definitive solutions, and other threads are a few years old. I’d appreciate your help!

My goal is to utilize Webflow’s E-commerce system with an integrated Point of Sale solution. In an ideal scenario, the inventory between the E-commerce system and Point of Sale solution would be synced so that there’s a single source of truth and less need for manually tracking and updating inventory in Webflow.

I know that Webflow’s E-commerce system runs on Stripe. Does anyone know if it’s possible to integrate a Stripe Terminal within Webflow’s E-commerce system?

Additionally, does anyone know if the integration of Square + Foxy + Webflow would solve this?

Thanks for your help!

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Currently researching this as well. WIll revert if i find anything.

Has anyone found anything for this? I’ve done a lot of research and keep coming up dry.