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Webflow commerce and POS or Point of sale

Hey lads - does Webflow eCommerce work with any POS setup? have a potential client looking for a site which will sync with an offline, in the shop, Point of Sale system - she doesn’t have one at the moment (just has a simple till currently) so is willing to invest in one that works with the website.

Just bumping this in case anyone who can help missed it

Sadly, Webflow does not have a native POS setup. I have heard rumors that they are working on a solution but there is no target release date at the moment. My e-commerce site has been looking for an alternative as well and without writing custom code via the Webflow API there isn’t any easy way around it.

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You could look into @foxy. They integrate with the ecomm and I’m pretty sure they’ve got a or several POS options


Hi all.
To confirm, we don’t have any POS integrations currently. That said, we do integrate with Square (online orders will show with POS orders in your Square dashboard). Also, we have a card swipe option for those using Cybersource as their gateway.