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Ecommerce integrations to POS

I’ve set up Ecommerce with Webflow however I don’t see any native integrations with Point of Sale systems like RetailPro to keep track of products and quantities.

I want to know if anyone has had success in managing the quantity of their products online and in retail store, especially if the product is not fixed and consistently changing. I see you can connect some systems through Zapier but, has anyone successfully integrated this on their Ecommerce?

All suggestions & options on this is appreciated.

@user02353 yes, at the moment, POS aren’t supported yet. If you’ve got a POS you could use zapier or have a separate place where you log your stock? Something like airtable?

Hello user02353/sarahfrison

We have an integration solution for Retail Pro POS but do not support “Webflow” yet.

But we have an API that you may use to create a bridge between Webflow and Octopus.
Once you have done integration with Octopus then you will be able to integrate your Webflow web store with many POS.

For more information visit: