PLEASE HELP: Using native webflow forms with export code Formspree and MAilchimp

Someone, ANYONE please assist!
This is a last ditch effort

I’m trying to connect the form that I built in webflow to both my Formspree and Mailchimp.
1st: I don’t host on Webflow (it’s too expensive). I build in webflow, export code and host through another provider.
So, I found that I can build the form in webflow and using Formspree I can simply set to POST and use the endpoint link and the form works fine when I export code. Great.
Next: I connected it also to my Mailchimp via integration with formspree to mailchimp. (I know- this is the point at which it’s no longer a webflow issue, but since I got the idea through these forums, I’m hoping someone can help me make it work).

I want new contacts to be tagged when they submit a particular form, but as it is- everyone is going into the same place No tags, which is problematic. Is there a way to do this without custom code? If not, can someone point me in the direction to get it inexpensively?
I’ve contacted both Formspree and Mailchimp and they are blaming each other for the issue, which is obviously not productive for me. I don’t care who’s fault it is- I just need it to work.