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Webflow Form to Mailchimp Survey Data

I am currently trying to tie my webflow landing page to my Mailchimp account/survey.

Goal: Using the signup form on my landing page (Right now it’s using Mailchimp’s embed code, but I used MailChimp form Integration | Webflow University in my new test version and the email capture part works), I want to sign users up, and then forward them to another survey page, where they answer questions which also ties into their email in our Mailchimp audience for more comprehensive and insightful data.

I then created another form, where I use the same MERGE tags as the ones in our Mailchimp so they tie together (I used this guide)

However, for this to all work, I have to pass the email address along to each form, I want to hide the email address so the user doesn’t get confused and we can streamline the process, but I don’t mind if it isn’t hidden as of now since we need to get this to work in general, so we can work on the hiding later.

I used this guide for the info passthrough. Another page that also referenced this, but provided their own code is this page. Long story short, email capture works, but the passthrough and form capture corresponding to the right merge tags don’t work. I can’t share my page because of NDAs, but I can provide relevant info when necessary.