Using exported site email form (simply)

I made a simple website I’m nearly done with using the Incredible template; I am going to * export it * , use the site elsewhere, and want to use the email submission form as is, unchanged, * without * mail chimp or any kind of database. I just want people to be able to fill the form, and send me an email - without the mailto shenanigans where it forces a user’s local email client to open. If I’m lucky it will still tell them that they submitted an email successfully. : ) (Because otherwise, why even have a form? Might as well just have a mailto: link by itself, no? I suspect this is its default behavior when it doesn’t link to Mailchimp or some other database, though…) I’m not much of a coder, but if you have a link to directions on how to do this on your website somewhere, please point me there.

Thanks for your help!


If you don’t want to use webflow to email the form data you could try this

You would have to modify some of your form’s HTML code after export but its pretty simple to do.
You basically just replacing the form action to use the “//” link.

I have used this if I have multiple forms that need to go to different email address.
The free version you get 1000 submissions per email each month.

Form submissions using the default built in behavior will work exactly the same on exported sites. I use this on my own personal website.

Yes… but while I’m sure you are correct, Dfink, I do not think that there is a way to alter the form behavior to do something simpler besides either what it already does - call a script from either Webflow or a third party - or - spawn a mail client window from the user’s local machine as a result of the mailto.

All I’m sayin’ is: I just want the form to send me an email, and tell the user they did so successfully. I don’t need any kind of database or list that keeps the sender’s email for use. I’m assuming that using is probably the absolute easiest thing to do. If there’s something easier than that, I’m willing (and ready!) to do it. : )

You are trying to send out 2 copies of the notification ?

Not “the best way”… but Formspree will work. I’ve use it in the past.

If you don’t want to use a 3rd party solution and

  • have access to a linux server

you could use php as the form action or

  • create a forward in cpanel.

with that - you can redirects all incoming emails to any number of recipients.

so… assume your email address is

when the server receives the webflow message

it could forward to, and, etc.

Thanks! No, just 1) want to receive an email from a user when they submit a message. 2) The user receives a notification that their email was successfully sent. That’s it. I suspect Formspree is the easiest way to do this, since I’m not much of a coder. I see what you are saying about the linux server and the php, I’ll ponder that.

If you want to send a confirmation email to the user that submits the form. Formspree doesn’t do that.
It just sends the data to the one email that is setup.

I would use with webflow. this will allow you to take the form data and send the notifaction and also send a different confirmation email to the user.

Zapier looks very cool, thanks for the tip! (although the free one only activates once every 15 minutes, which is definitely long enough for a user to think that their submission didn’t work, if email confirmation was the only confirmation).

I will experiment and let you know what happens with the options you guys have presented for me so far. : )

When I hit submit this happens
Is it saying I have to upload my site to a hosting site before it can work?

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