Play .mp4 from google drive

What are the exact steps to embed a .mp4 from google drive to your website?

I have seen sites when when I go to them a large video greets you without a youtube or vimeo player bar. I’d also like to add random videos throughout the site without using youtube and vimeo and similar hosting sites.

Is this possible yet in 2022?

I’m just reading up on the background video element which is very handy.

But I still do wonder if embedding a video straight from dropbox or google drive is possible

Hi @yo_dojo

No not yet. You have to use the native embed for Vimeo and YouTube. If you don’t want to do that, you’ll need a cloud service or self-hosted server where you can link to an iframe.

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It’s possible but when video file sizes get larger, you want to make use of video protocols to deliver them in a streaming format, and that means having a video server, e.g. youtube, wistia, vimeo.

For Google drive, I think the protocol for accessing a raw file would be something like;

You can find some good JS player libraries that should be able to play from that, but again you’ll get a delay as it is not designed to stream. Make sure to make the file/folder viewable to “anyone with the link.”

Dropbox has a similar direct access capability, but I believe only for paid account.

Keep in mind, for free services especially, you’re always at risk of the provider shutting that URL down. Google does it all the time.