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Upload a video NOT YouTube or Vimeo link

Hi. I have created website for a client and made a video for her. I don’t want to have it displayed as a YouTube or Vimeo link - I hate all the ‘extra’ graphics you tube puts on there - even though its my channel Icon top left the client doesn’t want to see that - nor all the ‘suggestions’ when the video ends.

I just want a clean, video in a frame with a play button


I believe you just need to have the video hosted on the web and then insert using embed code. Native browser player will handle the playback.

Thank you for your response.

What if I’m absolutely useless at embedding code!

Never done that before any chance you can walk me through that?

Are you aware that with Vimeo plus you can;

Vimeo Plus , PRO, Business, and Premium members enjoy complete control over the embedded player including the options to:

  • Show or hide the “Share,” “Like,” and “Watch Later” buttons
  • Show or hide the Vimeo logo, play bar, volume control, and fullscreen buttons
  • Choose what gets displayed after the video finishes playing
  • Choose which specific sites the video can appear on

If you host the video yourself, you will need to have multiple versions of the video to support different browsers, provide fallback support for older browsers, serve the video files from a fast host (still have to wait for the file to partially load before it can play, and you probably won’t be able to scrub the playback.

Modern browsers do support HTML5 Video. So you won’t need a player since it is native.

Read more about that here >

There are quite a few related posts in the forums you can search for. Cheers.