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Play button appears over Mobile BG video

Anyone know how to get rid of this play button when a BG video isn’t playing properly on Mobile?
This has been an occasional problem for the sites that I’ve made with such BG videos. I am using an iPhone and Safari.

I saw some discussion here about it from 2018 with a solution I didn’t fully understand. Refreshing the designer and republishing doesn’t do the trick for my sites. I also don’t know what causes this. Is it me messing around in the designer (in which case I could do something about it as I check the site after publishing) or maybe something that happens on it’s own (in which case I have no idea that a site of mine isn’t working right)?

Anyone else having trouble with this?


Here is my site Read-Only: (homepage)

Hello @Seppo_Riiho,

The problem with your play button on your background video could be your OS. In the past mobile OS would not display background videos because they will drain too much power, newer devices with the latests OS do display them now. So, I would suggest you to update your OS or test it on other devices to see if that is the problem. Also if your device is on lower power mode it would not display the background animation. I hope this helps.


I didn’t even realise I could consider that aspect… Thank you Pablo_Cortes! I’ll look into it.

Hi Seppo,

I’ve the same problem and did some research. The problem is iOS 13, in iOS 12 everything is fine.
I’ve tested this site I made Not find a solution yet. Do you?

Hi bleid,

I noticed that when my phone is on energy save mode (iOS 13) it does that as Pablo_Cortes suggested. Thats all I know so far…

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