Background video not loading on iOS - Again!

Hi! The question has been raised a few times here but the answers that seemed to work are no longer working it seems. Can someone help with this exact same problem I have as this post:

"Hi all,

I had this working earlier today, but all of a sudden my background video isn’t working on mobile. All I see is the play button. See screenshot below. I tried on Safari and Chrome browsers on iOS. it also wasn’t working on my wife’s iPhone.

I see a couple others reporting this issue in the forum over the last year, but I didn’t see a clear solution from those posts.

And the answer there points at this post that has a piece of code that must be obsolete by now, because the background video in the example website is not playing on an iPhone XR running on iOS 13.6 -

Strangely, the background video works (without the additional code) on an old iPhone SE from a thousand years ago.

Help would be greatly appreciated, is there a way to have the background video rolling on contemporary mobile devices?

My read-only link:

Thank you!

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