Placing container insured a slide

I’m a newbie and setting up a slider with 3 slides following the webfkw video guide. I’ve set up the background images just fine but when I try to put s container onto a slide webflow says you cant nest a container within a container.
Is there a problem with my interpretation cos I need a container for the titles and text to render correctly across different devices but as I’ve used a container for the slider it generates this problem. Tried to sort it out myself but not able to get the text to render across devices without a container
Anyone point me in the right direction thanks

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Probably best to review containers over in the university.

You can add a div or other elements to a container, just not another container as it would make no sense.

So if your slider is a child of a container, the slide will inherit the containers width (max-width) across breakpoints. So in a slide you could just add div, give it a class, and style it. Inside that div, you might have a heading, a paragraph , or some other element. That’s all up to you.

Hi Jeff

Thanks very much for you help, I’ll give it a go