Problems Adding Content to Slider

Hi, I’m new to Webflow, and am working on a site containing a slider of six images, and so far it’s been difficult just adding a second image to slide 2, and I can’t seem to add a Container or DIV Block to contain the content on the slide. I’ve checked to make sure that I’m selecting the SLIDE 2 first before adding anything.
It looks so easy in the tutorial, but in reality it’s not.
Can someone help with what the problem can be and offer a solution?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Would you be able to share your sites read-only link by following this tutorial?

Here’s a quick video with my best narrative typing :grin:

Thanks for replying, but I got so frustrated with trying over and over that I deleted the slider all together. :confused: I followed every step as shown in the video tutorial, however, it didn’t work for me. So, I don’t have anything to show. I’ll start again from scratch. I see that another person below responded with a video, so I’ll check that out. Again, thanks for responding.

Here’s how I’ve been trying to do it:
Drag out a Div Block, then drag the slider into that — no problem.
Click on Slide 1 and create a class for it called Slide 1.
Add an image, no problem.
I managed to add another Div Block and then add text to it. Positioning it took forever after centering the horizontal and vertical position, and playing around with the padding, etc.
Click on Slide 2 and do the same. The image doesn’t show up in Slide 2.
At one point the image did show up, but it was outside the mask and didn’t match size Slide 1. Couldn’t find any way to fix it.
I couldn’t see exactly what you were doing in the vid. Couldn’t get it to fill the screen.

The video has a full screen icon bottom right.

That icon is for Apple TV. The one on the top left makes it a little bigger, but not full screen. Are there any written instructions to follow on Webflow so that I’m not missing anything?

What Apple TV icon?? On that video there’s an apple icon?? In the forums, there a download arrow in my post.

There’s really no written explanation. I mean, it’s not real hard to see in the video. If you want, you can send me your login to my profile and I can log in and do it for you.


Are you trying to add an image, then add text onto it - or next to it? Post your read-only link so I can see what you see.

I’m very new to Webflow. Sorry to seem like such a Ludite.
I’ve already got most of this website built in Muse, then Adobe pulled the rug out from its users. Really SUCKS! Now I’m trying to learn this so that I’m not doing a disservice to my client.
I am basically trying to make a slider with six images (should be elementary), and then add a colored box with text that will be a link. The box essentially becomes a button, although I can seem to get any more vertical space in the slider so that the box isn’t on top of the nav circles at the bottom, or covering up the image in the slide.

Cool. Let me do a quick test for ya.

Thanks for your help.
I just somehow managed to move around the Div Block that has the text by adjusting the size, margins and padding. But there must be a better way to do this. Also, still can’t add another image to Slide 2.

Do I need to make a Div Block for every item on the page and then adjust that?
In the tutorial video it instructs to add a container for the text, and it looks so easy there, but when I tried it, it wouldn’t allow a Container to be nested. An error msg read to use a Div Block instead.

Just send me your login and I’ll do if for you real quick. It’ll take a few minutes. Send to my profile privately.

Hi Gary,

Did you get the login that I messaged you?

Thanks for offering to help, however, I wasn’t asking you to fix it for me, I was asking for help in getting the slider to work. I’ve since spent all day Sunday trying everything, and the conclusion is that the slider does NOT work properly as it should. Also, the tabbed panel is very limiting — you can’t add images in either side of the slider. I think I’m going to opt for waiting until Adobe comes out with a new product. The widgets don’t work, or at least are very buggy.

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