Place elements in webflow

I really have trouble placing elements where I want them in webflow. I have used adobe muse and there is it very easy. You just place things where you want it. No containers, or div block or blocks.
Now I can not even put a logo to the left of the page. Because the stupid container no way will move to the left side. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @cathrine82

I understand it will be frustrating coming from another platform, but Webflow is actually giving you the kind of design freedom that comes with hand coding html and css. Once you grasp how it works you start realising the power it is giving you.

The ‘container’ is a unique element in that it has been created with some pre-designed styles - ie to be 940px wide and centred - that’s why you are experiencing frustration trying to use that to house the logo. It’s actually a very useful feature - just not the one for what you are trying to achieve.

In your specific issue - you can definitely put a logo to the top left of the page - just try using a div block or image block instead of a container, and then precise controls for it’s margin/padding/distance from the sides.

  1. Drop in div block or image block to the canvas
  2. Give the block some margin top and left
  3. Or alternatively give it a ‘fixed’ or ‘absolute’ position and then use the arrows to move it away from the edges.

There is definitely a learning curve - but if you are making websites regularly it is totally worth digging in - and there are plenty of volunteers here to help in the forum - plus tuning into @PixelGeek weekly workshops.

Here’s some quick videos with detail on the above:

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Thank you. In addition to having trouble learning Webflow, I must have done a proposal for a webpage to a customer by Tuesday. :slight_smile:️ I got the logo were i want it noe. But my containers ar just tiny little box when i add them to the canvas. Not 940 px wide.

Can you post your read-only link - that way we can have a look at the exact settings being used and hopefully solve it for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Also if you have a photoshop/other mock-up or even a sketch of how you want it to look - we can point you in the right direction…

What size do you want them? Put your read only site up here. I can help you realize what you want.

When I put a container into a section where there is already content, the new container becomes small.
When I add a conteiner to a section that is empty, the container becomes 940px wide.

Let’s say I want a container that is 600x800 px. How do I do that?
And I like a black line across the page that goes under the logo (As shown in picture) Is it possible to do?

Sorry if my english is bad. I’m from Norway and my english is not top notch.

Sorry that I just seen this, I do not know why I did not get any notification about it.

But from what I can see, since your not naming any specific container (maybe it does not exist yet. But because the background video section is flex box, Id recommend just putting a container in and then having it stretch. I will put a video link on here for you. If this is not what your talking about, then let me know.

If you can be more specific in what you need if this is not enough, I can still help. There is also css code I can help you with to make the containers bigger.

Thank you for the video Manuel. But what if i want a black line across the site under the logo? who do i do that?

Sorry I had not been on webflow for about since I last replied to you, let me know if you need more help. is my email