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Can’t change the width of a container

I’m a newbee on WF. I can’t for the life of me change the width of a container block that I have text within…help!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]
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Hi @B_C

You can’t change the width of a container. Just replace it with a normal div block.

If you need more help, please share your read-only link.


and place my text in the div block?

Hi, a container size is fixed. If you want to use the full Screen put i Div in a section and use the Div as a container. Then you can use the full Screen .

Exactly! Just move everything from your actual container to the new div.

Thanks Donald. Now I need coaching on how to place my individual text items from the text block into the div. Can’t seem to do it. thx

Why do containers exist – and are used in many of your training videos – if they are fixed width and cannot be modified?

After too much wasted time, I finally saw that they are set to 940 pixels and the UI locks their width.


Perhaps in future videos, you should say ‘Use a div block. Call it a wrapper.’ Now you can ACTUALLY change it from 940 to any other number.

You can use Div block (you’ll have to set a few presets based on the breakpoint), or you could use a Container and change the max width to anything you’d like.

The reason we don’t use a Div block from scratch in each video is because we’d spend a bunch of time in each video styling a Div block.

Containers get a bad rap, but fortunately everyone has a choice and can use any elements they want. :heart:

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This lesson covers all of this in detail (including Sections vs. Containers vs. Div blocks).

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Hello @McGuire

Thanks for the reply.

The video was EXCELLENT (as always) and answered a lot of questions.

Of course, I DID try to change the width of the container but it was oddly locked. I posted the screen shot above.

I believe my issue is possibly three different designers worth of conflicting classes. Because of the ‘container’ class being somehow locked, for this one project I’ll have to proceed with div-blocks, label them as ‘wrapper’ and move forward.

EDIT > The width can be changed, BUT you need to create a new class. Otherwise, the default container – with no new name – appears to lock you in to 940 width.

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