Photo on home page not linking to it's corresponding CMS collection page

Hello all. My “Adoptable Dogs” CMS collection works just fine (Main menu - Adopt - Adoptable Dogs). You click on a dog photo and up pops that dog’s profile. The problem that I’m having is on the home page. When you click on one of the dog photos under “Ready for Adoption,” nothing happens (it should link to that dog’s CMS profile page). I know that I’m missing a link setting somewhere, but I’m relatively new to Webflow and can’t find it. My guess, but I could be completely wrong, is that the following link needs to be associated with the home page dog photos: Thanks in advance for your help.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Crossing Paths Animal Rescue

Hi Kathy,

Aha! I was clicking on the dog profile thumbnail instead of the actual link block. D’UH! Thank you kindly!!

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