Blank spaces on website in CMS collection

Hi all. I am a WebFlow newbie who is trying to troubleshoot my nonprofit group’s website. Out of the blue, blank spaces began appearing in my CMS collection rows. I included my public share link below. Here is a link to the web page to which I am referring: Crossing Paths Animal Rescue | Adoptable Dogs

Can someone please help me by providing an answer in the simplest of terms? I would be most grateful!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Crossing Paths Animal Rescue

(how to access public share link)

Welcome to the forum Kathy!

Took me a while but it seems like some of the padding/auto height is messing with the collection list grid. I’m not sure why, but you can try these changes will solve the issue :

Remove the bottom padding here:

Set a minimum height here:

The problem is that using the built-in column layout cannot handle variations in item height. Here’s a better way.

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Awesome Michael! Way better solution and great explanation :slight_smile:

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Hi Michael. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to make this video, demonstrate, and thoroughly explain this different approach! I’m about to dive in now!!! As I mentioned, I’m a WebFlow newbie. I’ve started taking online lessons, but my huge challenge is to maintain and troubleshoot our live site in the meantime. Thanks again!!

Thank you so much for your response! I very much appreciate the time that you took to investigate and help!!!

SUCCESS! Honestly, you brilliantly explained everything. A giant THANK YOU is definitely in order :blush:

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Please help…words can’t express how much it would be appreciated! Making those changes caused a SERIOUS PROBLEM. Now when you click on a dog’s picture, the dog’s additional pictures and profile no longer come up. Visitors can’t get to the application, which is a HUGE problem! We are losing adoptions. I’m not sure if you need an updated read-only link, but here it is:

Hi Kathy!

You’re gonna have to relink the url like so, pick “Current adoptable Dog”:


I honestly don’t know why I couldn’t find that option myself. Thank you Rory!


Hi Michael. I’m new in this discourse forum. Do you know how can I see this video answer? I have the same problem with CMS grids but I only see like a gif of the video.
Thank you!

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Fixed, discourse seems to do that sometimes, I have to edit and save the post.