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I have a website where most of my content is set up in a CMS. As you scroll down my homepage, I’m showing an abbreviated overview for 5 separate pages (Brand Identity, web design, design, illustration and brand characters). In each on those sections I’m featuring 4 examples for each of those pages. Each of those sections has a “see more” button which will bring you to that section.

Once in any of the 5 sections there are multiple examples the viewer can see. For each example, the viewer can click the image to see more information in a separate page.

I’m looking to have the link for each thumbnail on the homepage to go directly to the respective detail page and “leapfrog” the overall section. Current options for the linking dropdown menu can only bring me to the page, not the detail page within the page. Is this possible??

I’ve included a wireframe visual to better demonstrate what I trying to accomplish. Link below as well.

Thanks in advance for any help on this!


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Birch Design Group-V3

There is two ways to archive this:

  1. Would be to manually add the slug and item, if they are all on one page you ad and an ID to the section to anchor to that section of the page. /slug/item

  2. (Probably better practice)
    And a cms collection to the page and and the items via the CMS and use the current page as a link.

Thanks @Kyle_Davies1 for your response.

So replace the grid on the homepage with a CMS collection. Then link to that page. That sounds like a good solution. Giving that a go right now! Thanks a ton. I’ll let you know how it works out.


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@Kyle_Davies1 in place and working. Thanks again!


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