Photo album collection

Hello everyone, I want to make a website that can Upload a photo album and show it in the website page. So the visitor can preview it and download it. Is it possible?

Hi @Moataz,

Sounds not too complicated, although not completely clear who do you want to be able to upload the photos- The visitor? You?
If it is you, or the site admin, then this is fairly simple and definitely doable with Webflow. If you want the visitor to upload the photos, then it is a bit less simple, but also - doable.

Hello @avivtech,
I want to upload the photos as the site owner. How can I do it

Well, this is a fairly simple site, nothing complicated. I suggest you watch some of the Webflow University video tutorials to learn about abilities and how to create websites with webflow.

Well thank you @avivtech but I don’t want to use third party for this. I want something that Webflow offers. And another thing is that I want t the visitor to download all the album photo as a zip file from My site

I didn’t say anything about 3rd party… why did you get this idea?

That won’t happen natively on webflow. There is no zip file storage / sharing feature and no creation tool either. You would have to link to external hosted storage for that.

Yeah sorry @avivtech, it’s because I’ve been looking around the internet and all I found is third party solutions. Well it was a miss understanding I’m sorry for that.