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Photo Gallery Questions

I will shortly work on a wedding website where people have to register and login to access the website. The main purpose of the website is to share photos in a private gallery.

I just want to know if it is possible in Webflow? It’s a free project for a friend. I don’t think Wordpress or Brackets are suitable since it might be too “heavy” for her to manage afterwards and she just wants “cute” website to share photos. I heard Webflow is good, easy and fast to create website so I was wondering if I could do it here.

What I really need is a website where it requires to have an account/login to see the content since it will be only for the wedding’s guests (she insists on the privacy of the website). Also, I need a “Add files/upload photos” button with a photo gallery. This is a plus, but it will be nice if guests could like, comment and tag photos.

Here is an example of what she needs:

The reason why she isn’t using this website is for the privacy. Yes, guests need to register and have a link to the photo gallery, but she wants to see if there is a safer way where she has more control (administrating the website)

Thank you all!