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Photo Gallery solution

I am creating a site for the real estate company I work for. I am using CMS for listings. The one thing I cannot figure out is how to implement a photo gallery or slider. I need to display a unique set of photos (25-50) for each CMS entry. I’ve read just about every forum on here about CMS sliders and there doesn’t seem to be a solution for me. What I need is for our office staff to be able to use the editor to enter new listings, and be able to bulk upload images into a photo slider or gallery. We have a lot of new listings regularly and our office staff doesn’t have time to individually upload images. I am open to using an embed from a 3rd party service to create the slider. The problem I am running into is I can’t find a service that has a free or paid option that will allow the storage we need (over 100 sliders with 25-50 photos each). Our current site is on wordpress and there is a great plugin called smartslider 3, but its only for wordpress.

Does anyone know of a service that I can use to host and build a slider easily? Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish what i’m trying to do? Thank you!


The missing puzzle of webflow. No way to combine CMS collection with a lot of images (Like wix, wp premium themes or most site builders) without working really hard :frowning:

By google i find this idea (I never try this):

I will say this, the Gallery feature is on its way. It should be released for E-commerce or just there after.

You are not the only ones asking for this feature.

Check out the wishlist status:

Hi there,
I’m wondering if you ever found any solutions for your need?
Our team is also building a site for a real estate company and would need to implement a photo gallery/slider that can be integrated with the CMS for listings.
The built-in photo gallery in Webflow doesn’t allow much customization without coding, and some 3rd-party services that I’ve found don’t have CMS integration to bulk upload images.
So would love to see if you have any good service or suggestion for this issue! Thank you

Lightbox cms gallery already available:

Slider photo gallery => no (on webflow wishlist). But it’s easy to solve this by custom code (and plugin like owl, swiper, slick etc.)

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