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Integrations to make a Petition page

Has anyone created a petition type page - where people sign up with name and email, the name is added to a list on screen and there is a counter?
I’m trying to figure out the best way to make this happen, would it be a combination of Mail Chimp and Zapier?

I’ve not seen this kind of project created in Webflow, but I could see this working with a combination of no-code tools such as Airtable, Zapier/Integromat, and Memberstack.

  1. You would have a form that users can fill out. Form fields including: Name, email, etc…
  2. Using Zapier, you would detect a new form being filled out. You would then add that form content to an airtable as a “new record”
  3. Zapier recognizes the new Airtable record and creates a live CMS item in Webflow, called “Signees”, or whatever. I could see your website consisting of multiple petitions, so it’d probably be best to have a CMS collection called “petitions” for each one, then a separate Collection called “signees”. The newly-created “Signees” item has a multireference picking the relevant Collection Item (aka the correct petition).
  4. Using you could allow users to create accounts and see all the petitions they’ve signed and more.
  5. In the Webflow Designer, you design your petition page to show the “Signees” as a Conditional Visibility to only show if the signee is for the current petition page. So as users continue to sign the petition, you’ll see those on the site. You could also use some javascript to count the number of collection items linked in a specific petition to show how many people have signed it. Or how many more signatures are needed/etc…
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Thanks Hunter great combination. What I need is even simpler as it is a one off “vote” but I do need to gather the info. The Airtable part is new to me and rather interesting as a solution so the names can be visually added to the list as with Petition websites.

I’m thinking:
Form Submission that adds information to a CMS list which is showing. Is this possible?

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Check out this video series:

He goes through the process of creating a membership website and integrating things such as “bookmarks”.

You might be able to use this in a way where you can capture a form submission and add a CMS item to your petitions page, therefore adding an additional “vote” on a petition.

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