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Custom Form as a Service Plugin


Just wondering if their is such a thing available on the interweb somewhere.

I want to create a detailed custom form, that emails the admin of the site with all the users entries and choices, plus sends a thank you email to the user.

Also the form should have a date picker, google sugggest for addresses, a question mark ‘tool tip’ that when clicked opens a small modal window explaining the purpose of that particular form field.

It would be awesome if Webflow supported the above!

Any suggestions ??


Most CRM softwares provide this service, like or Marketo. In your case maybe a service like ? I have no opinion, never used.

Also you can do quite good forms with Google Drive apps (their Excel thing)

Eventually my friend! :smiley: I don’t think google form has date picker or address suggest features.

plus sends a thank you email to the user.

We want to build auto responders for forms down the road so that something like this would be possible.

Just came across this product. Anyone here used it??

Ok i contacted the dudes at to see if they supported Google address suggest feature, they don’t :frowning: I also contacted Typeform, they dont support it either :frowning: :frowning:

So i am desperate now! I have a client that is requesting the use of the address suggest feature for a quotes based website i am building. What i desperately need to know is how to enable this feature for a couple of input fields in my webflow form. I know its all Javascript based.

After a bit of Googling, i came across this link via Google Developers site.

Would that be the best option for me? If so how exactly do i input the necessary code into my webflow site.

Below is my design link for the site i am currently working on. Please scroll down to the Quotes section, ‘Local’ button, and the input fields i want it activated on are the ‘Pick Up Suburb’ and ‘Drop Off Suburb’.

I would really appreciate any help i could get on this.

Thank You!