Number of sign ups progress bar


I’d like to create a functionality whereby the number of sign-ups to a newsletter add-ups to a “progress” bar automatically, so people can see how many have subscribed to date and how many are left to reach a certain target.

In other words, something very similar to this website: (scroll down to the bottom of that page).

Is there a neat way of doing this with Webflow?

Many thanks

There is no facility naively in the designer to display the number of form submissions.

You mention newsletter signups, but not what newsletter app you are using. If people are filling out a form that submits data to a third-party app, you need to take a look at whether that app provides an API that you can access via JavaScript to display list member counts.

The only other alternative with Webflow forms, is to use a webhook on form submission, to a app you built and host somewhere, that simply counts submissions and lets you access the count via a call.

If you were looking to do this without any custom code, you can’t.

Thank you for clarifying