Personalized Content in Webflow Using Knack

Hi there awesome Webflowers! I’ve been dying to share this. :webflow_heart:

First off, this post is not by any means connected to Webflow. If the features I present do not work as expected, or are buggy, then that is a reflection on me and not Webflow :blush:

This evening at 5pm CST, I give a glimpse into a project that I’ve been working on: personalizing content within Webflow by taking advantage of web apps created with

I’ll present a feature that allows me to create a membership portal, but more importantly personalized content.

You can test the functionality out at Login (alpha version)

Feel free to tune in at as I give some of the behind the scenes.

To give additional insight - I am planning on creating a free course, and blog post, discussing Knack and how to implement the web apps into Webflow.

As I’m a “designer” and understand that the fear of code is real - the course will show a lot of the non-coding features that can be added to enhance your Webflow project.

Don’t hesitate to provide any feedback as that is the best way we can grow.

My best,


Great work - thanks for this Micah and the resources you are creating.

I think it’s a really good idea taking ideas from the forum and showing solutions in your videos too :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, Stu! :bowing_man:

Hopefully, they are helpful :pray:

Also, I referred a work opportunity to a few Webflowers yesterday, and I mentioned you in that list. Loving your work, definitely! :webflow_heart:


Awesome - thanks for thinking of me!


Thank you @mistercreate :pray:

I will definitely try out!

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Hey Micah, I see you are using GraphJS on How are you finding it? A GraphJS tutorial would be awesome for Webflow.

Hi @markbakerrr,

Thanks for asking, and I’m happy to share!

Currently, the features are awesome, and more should be coming in the future. Paid accounts are not yet available, however the GraphJS team mentioned they are now working on a Stripe implementation. Also, I have been unable to manage the Private Content feature within Webflow.

Of course, I’d be happy to create a tutorial, but it’s implications may be limited to protecting pages, account creation, forums, and account messaging. Now, don’t get me wrong - that feature set is quite impressive. However, the Private Content feature would be nice to enable within Webflow.

I’ll be sure share within my new account at Forum | Webflow

P.S. The new account was created to limit any confusion between my Staff account and my personal projects :bowing_man: