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Webflow Learning Management System 🥳 | Create Something

Hi there! :wave:

You may know me as @mistercreate. :nerd_face:

I wanted to share that Breanna Holman and I have been working together to bring improved and additional services at specifically for Webflow. :webflow_heart:

You may notice the updated design/layout of the site, and also the inclusion of a Learning Management System (LMS) that we created using Knack and Webflow to teach others how to create custom Webflow integrations:

P.S. We created the 3D introduction ourselves using Apple Motion, which we’re really geeked about! :nerd_face:

Feel free to sign-up for our beta at

Also, we’ve implemented a custom forum at for our conversations about your cool Webflow tips & tricks :wink:

If you’ve been added to our email list, you may hear from us shortly about reduced prices to learn from us using our LMS for the New Year :tada:


Oh thanks, @samliew! :bowing_man:

We updated the video to email everyone, and republished

Thanks for catching that :bowing_man:

The video link is now updated :pray: