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Frontend publishing and adding dynamic content?

Is there an option to enable frontend publishing to Webflow?
The basic idea for my web-app is supposed to be like a blog site, where certain users can register, login and then create an event or blog post in their dashboard.

Is there a current way to do that with only using webflow?
Will I need a developer?
What is possible and what isn’t?

Also is there maybe a workaround like a form I can insert that creates a post or calendar event. Or at least sends me an e-mail with the content, so I can insert it?

I am currently using WordPress, but I am planning to switch…

Here’s the option I have with Wordpress:

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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You can’t do this with Webflow yet. As you ask I would say you need a developer to help you out.

I’m thinking out loud now: maybe you could use the API here. Build a backend where people could sign up and contribute. Take that data and push it in to your Webflow site. That way you have full control over the front end design the Webflow way and can easy maintain the site. That could be possible.

Ok sounds like an idea.
You said yet, does that mean you are working on something or considering it?

Webflow staff has mentioned that one goal down the road is to let designers like us be able to make web apps in the same way we design web pages today with Webflow. It’s a long way there but hey still exciting :grinning:

If I had developer skills I would definitely look into this for my clients. Maybe even build native apps for phones so they could update their collections on the go. This shouldn’t be to hard or complicated to build.

Hey @rob.maddaloni,

I would highly suggest using It easily embeds into your Webflow site as a web app.

I recently found it because a customer I have needed to have access to add locations/representatives, have them available within a map, and allow website visitors search for these locations/representatives. It’s been awesome so far as we continue to work on the site:[{"field"%3A"field_4"%2C"operator"%3A"near"%2C"value"%3A"65601"%2C"units"%3A"miles"%2C"range"%3A"25"}]&view_2_page=1

Also, I’ve been able to create a scoring application for a company that hosts marathon events. The app needed to have meters logged, display meters logged, show leaders, allow sign-up into teams, show account progress to 100,000 meters, and a bunch more (we’re still working on it for the November 24th launch, but we’ve already got over 250 users signed up).

Knack is robust enough for something like that, and simple enough to create your frontend publishing.

Check out this events calendar template:

Apps created with Knack can be embedded into Webflow, and the data created with Knack can be pushed into Webflow using Zapier.

You can find other templates here:

You can use my referral link to sign-up for free:

Their cheapest plan is $39, and you can increase your plan if you need more data storage space.

Hopefully this helps :blush:

Definitely hit me up if you have any questions.

  • Micah
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Thanks for the tipp. I’ll definitely check it out!

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Knack looks like a cool app, thanks for sharing. You mentioned their cheapest plan was $9 but the cheapest I can see is $39.

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Oh, thanks for catching my typo. I just updated my response.

Yeah, Knack has been awesome for me so far.

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Knack looks interesting. I’ll have to take a deeper look into it to find
out how much is possible and how scalable it is. Thanks for the info though!

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