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Persistent login across platforms

I am considering moving over to webflow for a big upcoming project. I would be setting up an ecommerce site (using I assume foxy which seems to be preferred) and hosting discourse forums over on digitalocean. I would like the user whether they are purchasing from the store in their first interaction or signing up on the forums to be able to create one account that spans both platforms.

I know foxy is still working on a customer account management portal which would also be a big part of this project.

The site is not only a storefront but a community site we want the user to have one account portal that pulls in data from not only the store but forums and other feeds but we will tackle that when we finally get our hands on it.

Right now I would just like to know if it was possible for one user account to span the two platforms.

Appreciate any help or suggestions!


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Not with Webflow technology yet. CMS and Ecommerce sites on Webflow don’t yet offer a user system. They don’t remember you, you only have a shopping cart functionality, but you don’t build a user account, nor can you come back later to sign-in and review your shopping history.

User account features will evidently come to Webflow in the future but I really don’t know when.

So your only way to have a user system that spans across your two other services is to use one of their tech and features.

Hi @Badge.
Single Sign On is available with Foxy, so persistent login is possible as long as the other involved parties allow for SSO.

We’re making great progress on the new customer portal btw. We’ve got two versions:

We’ll of course post in our blog and here in the Webflow forums once the new portal is ready. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance.


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Thanks Josh that is great to know!

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